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Keratoconus: Living with the Struggle

Living with Keratoconus has left many individuals searching for an eye care specialist with the right solution for their unique vision needs.

Child with KeratoconusKeratoconus is a condition that can develop in the pre-teen years when the cornea starts to change its shape. Associated with these changes are extreme sensitivity to light or glare, blurry vision (like being unable to view the blackboard), and sudden decreases in vision. To get a better picture of Keratoconus, imagine that the top white surface of an eye having lots of ridges and bumps that would prevent a regular contact lens to rest on and adhere to the eye surface. These surface variations are unique to each individual, where some may be able to get by with contacts or glasses, while for others, hard lenses or scleral lenses are the preferred alternative.

The real challenge for patients with Keratoconus isn't from a lack of alternatives but the constant change in prescriptions nearly every year. In certain cases of Keratoconus, the changes become so extreme that people turn to Corneal transplants.

For those living with Keratoconus, finding a knowledgeable and reliable optometrist with the latest technology is essential, especially since there are solutions for visual comfort that may come up short. Dr. SO-SO at PRACTICE has been fitting scleral lenses for Keratoconus patients, providing the desired comfort and clarity that’s not found anywhere else. People often visit Dr. SO-SO for a second opinion about their Keratoconus or irregular corneas just to be sure that their current prescription is accurate.

While hybrid contact lenses supply better quality of vision for irregular shaped eyes, the hard components used may not provide comfort for some. Patients could turn to scleral lenses, which are large gas permeable contact lenses that cover the entire corneal surface of the eye, ensuring greater comfort.

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Fortunately, at PRACTICE, DR-SO-SO provides a variety of specialty contact lens treatments that can be custom tailored for nearly any case of Keratoconus, irregular shaped corneas, or extreme astigmatisms. Through years of experience and a knowledgeable, caring staff, there's no other optometry practice that has the commitment to expertise, patient care, and consistent, successful outcomes. To receive the best fit possible for your eyes, schedule a consultation with us today.

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