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Dr. Rupert C. Chowins

Optometrist, Retired

Dr. Chowins has officially retired from Private practice!
Here are a few parting words from Dr. Chowins: To my valued patients, I want to take a moment to thank each of you for allowing me to be your eye doctor over the years, it has been a distinct pleasure and I thank you kindly for your loyalty. I also wanted to update you on my plans. While I am still able, I want to do more work for the most vulnerable among us. I have been a member of 2 international Eyecare groups for years and I plan on spending more time and extended time working around Guatemala providing free Eyecare to those in need. Already this year, I have been able to spend 4 weeks at a remote hospital in Guatemala. Many of you know that I also am a founder of the SLO Noor free clinic, and I will be doing more work there. Also, I have joined 2 groups that provide free medical care to those in need in impoverished areas of the United States. I will still do some local work as time allows but my main goal will be to provide as much care as I can to those who need my skills, locally or internationally. I feel very blessed to be able to take this time and do what has been a life long goal.

Lastly, I want to just say a few words about Dr. Brent Wells and Dr. Dan Hile, who are taking over the office. When I decided to take this leap, I thought long and hard about who I wanted to take care of my patients. There was really only one choice to me and this is Dr. Wells and Dr. Hile. They are well trained, they are good people and will provide excellent eye care to you and your families. I encourage you to allow these fine Doctors to continue to provide you top-level Eyecare.

Again, I thank you for your friendship and for allowing me to take care of you. On to the next adventure!

All the best,

Rupert C Chowins, O.D.